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VoIP Pricing


Everything about our service is simple and so is the pricing. We’ve kept everything simple to make controlling and monitoring your your costs a breeze.

Call Charges

We’ve kept our call charges as simple as possible – none of this peak & off-peak nonsense and we’ll always give you the best prices we can.

Calling within the UK?

Calling within the UK has never been cheaper than now. Our rates for calling numbers within the UK is one of the most competitive in the industry and as we charge for each second rather than rounding to the whole minute you save even more.


01,02,03 UK Numbers


Most UK Mobile Numbers

Local Services

0845 Nunbers

Calling internationally?

We have some of the cheapest international call charges available. The table below shows just some of our extremely low prices for calling some of the most popular destinations.

usa-flag USA 1.5p/min Ireland Ireland 1.2p/min France France 0.7p/min
Germany Germany 1.4p/min Australia Australia 2.5p/min China China 1.7p/min
Hong-Kong Hong Kong 3.0p/min Poland Poland 1.7p/min South Africa 2.1p/min
Greece Greece 2.0p/min Japan Japan 4.8p/min india India 1.7p/min
Spain Spain 1.8p/min Russia Russia 3.5p/min pakistan Pakistan 11.0p/min
All calls are subject to a minimum cost of 1p per call and all prices exclude VAT at 20%. The prices provided here are just an indication as prices will depend on the exact location within a country (for example, mobile networks can be more expensive than calling fixed lines) and may change at any time.

VoIP Phone Service Charges

Our charges are some of the cheapest in the UK, minimal overheads and self managed telecoms through the cloud allows us to slash the costs of traditional telecoms charges.

Telephone Numbers – £1.50/mth
No setup fee just simply £1.50 per month per number.
Voice Mail – Included FREE
Voice Mail is included FREE with every additional line/extension that you create.
Time Based Routing – Included FREE
When you receive incoming calls, you may want different things happen depending on the day or time of day. For example, whenever your office is closed you may want to forward all your incoming calls to a voicemail box.
Free with every line
Global Address Book – Include FREE
Maintain a global list of contacts which will be available from any of your phones.
FREE Included with every line
Music On Hold – £4.00/mth
Upload MP3 files and whenever you place a caller on hold or into a call queue, they will be played the track you have uploaded. This could include a marketing message or just some soothing jazz!
£4 pm per line
Call Conferencing – £2.00/mth
All the phones we supply support three-way calling which allows you to create ad-hoc conferences directly from your telephone handset. You can also setup “conference rooms” which callers can call into.
– £2.00/month/room
Lines & Extensions – £2.50/mth
No setup fee just simply £2.50 per month per line/extension.
Call Grouping – Included FREE
Setup groups of extensions which can be called simultaneously with the first person to pick up taking the call. FREE with every account setup.
Call Forwarding – Included FREE
Setup call forwarding directly from your telephone handset allowing calls to be redirected to other extensions, your voicemail box or external numbers such as landlines or mobile phones. We can also forward any incoming numbers wherever you need them.
Free with every line
Busy Lamps – Included FREE
Provided the phone supports it, we can dynamically display the status of any extensions within your system using the soft keys & lights provided on your telephone.
Free with every line
Virtual Switchboard – £2.50/mth
Ask callers to select from a range of options using their telephone keypad, based on the numbers entered by the user you can route to call wherever you need.

£2.50 pm

Call Recording – £0.005/min
Any inbound or outbound calls can be recorded and made available to you through the call logging interface. We just charge you for the amount of disk space you use when storing your recorded calls.
£0.005 /min
Fax to Email – £0.50/mth
Setup groups of extensions which can be called simultaneously with the first person to pick up taking the call. For example, you may wish to setup a call group to ring your whole accounts department.
£0.50 pm
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VoIP Pricing
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